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Tickets for day 12 - Thursday, June 4th, women's semi finals
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Sharapova Wants to Play at Roland Garros

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Maria SharapovaFor the fans of the beautiful Russian player Maria Sharapova, here’s a piece of good news: Russia’s team coach, Shamil Tarpishchev, said that she is planning her comeback in May at the Roland Garros.

A shoulder injury has kept the former number 1 in the WTA from playing since August 2008. She is now even out of the top 50, on 53 to be more exact, with 1130 points to her name. Let’s hope that we will see this extremely talented player compete at the French Open.

Gaston Gaudio Requests a Wildcard

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Yes, there was actually life at Roland Garros before Rafael Nadal took the spotlight. The winner of the 2004 edition, Gaston Gaudio, is not as good as he used to be, and proof of that is the fact that he is off the rankings' chart. Still, he requested a wildcard for this year’s edition. He will definitely be looking to improve on his game and maybe have one last chance at glory in front of his home crowd.

Gael Monfils in Danger of Missing the Tournament

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The French player Gael Monfils is the victim of a really annoying knee injury and he might miss this year's grand slam from his home country.

He is 22 years old and he already reached the tournament's semifinals last year. He is currently ranked 10th and he was forced to withdraw from the Barcelon Open, so he has a lot of points to defend in the ATP rankings.gael monfils

This wouldn't be the first time he has to miss a tournament either, as he suffers from the Osgood-Schlatter disease, a persistent disease that causes chronic knee pain. He will surely not be playing at the clay Masters tournaments from Madrid and Rome, but he still keeps hope that he will make it to Roland Garros, even if it means that he will be entering the torunament with very little practice on clay.

Favorites in Women's Singles' Competition

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The women's singles' competition will undoubtedly be a very heated one. With so many good players, it's almost impossible to guess who is going to win the trophy in Paris this year. The 2008 winner, Ana Ivanovic is still going strong and will definitely have her big part to play this year too. But let's look at the favorites this year.

dinara safina
1. Dinara Safina
The current number 1 ranked player in WTA, the 22 years old player has to be one of the favorites. The younger sister of Marat Safin, a former number 1 ATP player, played the French Open's 2008 final, but was beaten in straight sets, 6-4, 6-3, by Ana Ivanovic. She will be looking to consolidate her WTA ranking.

serena williams
2. Serena Williams
The second ranked player, Serena Williams needs no introduction. Since she was just beaten to the top of the rankings by Dinara, Serena Williams will surely seek to reclaim that top spot. She won the French Open back in 2002, but the 27 year old still has a lot more to say in the game.

elena dementieva
3. Elena Dementieva
The 27 year old Russian is the 2008 Olympic champion. Her best performance at the French Open dates back from 2004 when she reached the final, when she was beaten by her fellow Russian Anastasia Myskina in straight sets, 6-1, 6-2. She is currently ranked 3rd in the WTA ranking. Will she be able to challenge the title this year?

jelena jankovic
4. Jelena Jankovic
The first player from Serbia from our list, Jelena Jankovic, is currently ranked 4th in the WTA rankings. She will be looking to reclaim that top spot which she lost to Serena Williams on February 2nd, after having held to it for 17 consecutive weeks. She never reached a final at Roland Garros, only the semifinals, and it seems that clay isn't her strong point. Will she be able to do better this year?

venus williams
5. Venus Williams
The older sister of Serena Williams, just like Serena, needs absolutely no introduction. Her best performance at the French Open dates back from 2002, when she was the runner up, as she was beaten by her sister Serena 7-5, 6-3. She is currently ranked 5th.

vera zvonareva
6. Vera Zvonareva
It seems that Russia, USA and Serbia are all the rage in women's competition nowadays. This 3rd Russian from the top 6 doesn't have many famous wins to her name, but still manages to rank 6th in the WTA rankings. She will be one of the outsiders at this edition of the French Open, but she is really capable of deciding who becomes the champion.

ana ivanovic
7. Ana Ivanovic
Finally, last but definitely not least, we couldn't leave Ana Ivanovic out, the winner of last year's edition. The beautiful Serbian will be looking to keep the precious title in her possession and prove that she is not out of form. The reigning champion was also the runner up in the 2007 edition, so we can safely say that she is very comfortable in Paris. She is my personal favorite.

We have nothing more to do than wait for the women's competition to begin. I personally am very curious how things will develop, and what amazing twists we will witness at this years' Roland Garros.

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Schedule of Roland Garros 2009

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The Roland Garros tennis tournament is one of the 4 grand slam tournaments that take place each year. These are the most important tennis tournaments from the circuit, and they host competitions for both sexes, both singles and doubles. Roland Garros is also called the French Open. While we wait for the greatest clay tennis tournament to begin, here is the schedule of the men's and women's single's competitions:

May 24th (Sunday) 1st Round
May 25th (Monday) 1st Round
May 26th (Tuesday) 1st Round
May 27th (Wednesday) 2nd Round
May 28th (Thursday) 2nd Round
May 29th (Friday) 3rd Round
May 30th (Saturday) 3rd Round
May 31st (Sunday) 4th Round
Jun 1st (Monday) 4th Round
Jun 2nd (Tuesday) Quarters
Jun 3rd (Wednesday) Quarters
Jun 4th (Thursday) Women's Semis
Jun 5th (Friday) Men's Semis
Jun 6th (Saturday) Women's Finals
Jun 7th (Sunday) Men's Finals

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